About us

mahuffer.com is a website containing trivia about Mahuffer bar and recollecting memories of John Susor, the founder of the restaurant. Fans and friends of John Susor – have fun!

Driving down Gulf Boulevard, past the condos, convenience stores, restaurants and shops, do you ever wonder what it was like here before progress? If you keep your eyes open, there’s a place in Indian Shores that offers a glimpse into the past and remains salty apart from all the others. Mahuffer’s Sloppy John’s is an institution among the locals and gives visitors something to write home about. In the parking lot sits John Susor’s (owner) doorless, roofless, camouflage-painted car, marking the weather-beaten, rundown entrance. Watch your step on those loose planks as you pass the old boat hull – keep your head down as you duck between low-slung fishing nets – then, follow the yellow brick road. For eighteen of his thirty years in Indian Shores, John Susor has kept local officials busy with his “devil-may-care” hijinks. Like the time he advertised for topless bartender he was warned by the Chief of Police, “You can’t do that here!” Well” you can’t” just isn’t in John’s vocabulary. So when the police returned that evening, they were greeted by a topless bartender – John himself, minus his shirt! If you don’t like to listen to the Blues, don’t come here, because Mahuffer’s is the place where blues was born on the beach. John also hopes that you’re not to hungry when you stop in to see him. He may not feel like cooking. But if he does, you’ll have to settle for roadkill pelican breast or maybe alligator cheeks. The beer is warm here, too, so don’t expect nothing fancy. Any special requests? Ferget it! If you don’t like it, hit the bricks! Expect the unexpected at Mahuffer’s. Stuffed shirts and prim and proper ladies, beware. While all humor is meant in fun, you may get your ego bruised or your feelings hurt. So if your looking for service with a smile or special treatment, don’t expect to get it here. What you will get is entertainment like you’ve never had it before. Open when John feels like getting up, close when he gets tired. By the way, if you have allergies or don’t want to share your stool with cats, dogs or birds, this ain’t your kind of place.