Indian shores – The budding real estate town

Indian shores is a town in Florida, United States of America. With meager population of over 1000 inhabitants, this place is still in the developing stage. It is said that the Indian shore is considered to be a home away from home because of its relaxed atmosphere. The scenic shorelines and calm weather makes this place irresistible. Considering how small it is, the Indian shores offers lip smacking foods and variety of cuisines. Most common cuisine varieties include the Italian and Scandinavian foods. The wide varieties of beaches and easy transportation to the nearby cities and villages help the visitors in an excellent way.
Indian shores is located at one end of the Gulf coast barrier islands which is an advantage to the visitors. They will either face the beaches towards the side of the Gulf coast or Intercoastal waterway. This small town is a home to around 20 beaches. A recent beach nourishment project has been carried out that has added tons of white sand making the beaches even more beautiful. A combined trip to the nearby cites offers a lot of fun activities. With such prominence to the beaches, Indian shores is considered to be one of the popular beach destinations in the entire of Mexico.
Not only being a tourist destination, Indian shores offer a huge potential for real estate business. With recent decrease in the mortgaging rates, Indian shores have attracted more investors from the world. The low mortgaging rates have helped in the home development plan of the town. Also, the prices have stabilized and are falling slightly which boosts people and investors to buy a home in this exotic location. Also, a prediction from Wachovia Economic unit says that these rates would stabilize soon and would rise up to normal rates making this town a place worth living.

Want To Spend A Peaceful Holiday? Spend Your Holiday in the Indian Shores

If you’re tired working your hearts out and would like to beat out the stress, there’s one easy thing that you can do. Plan a holiday or a short weekend trip to the Indian Shores which adorns the Gulf Coast of Florida. What’s so special about this place is that it promises to be a calm and peaceful place to relax along the adorable shoreline.
The beaches that you find along the coast are not something which you get to see very often. With its brilliant white sand and light blue water extending beyond the horizon, you could get a feel of paradise on earth. While at the Indian Shores, you are bound to find the Intracoastal Waterway which falls on your eastern side. If you are interested in spending your leisure time in the water coupled with some adventure, this place is just catered to your need, thanks to the umpteen numbers of options which you have when it comes to water recreation. If you are not a big fan of water, this place has got a lot more to offer for you too. The Pinellas Trail is a hot favourite amongst hikers , cyclists and skaters and the entire place is covered with lush greenery which is not only soothing to the eye but also serves as a peaceful relaxation spot in the form of parks. You could also spare a thought to catch a glimpse of a lot of lovely birds at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.
If you are planning on a vacation, make sure you do it well in advance to avoid last minute hassles with the hotel bookings. Though this place is known to be a perfect romantic hangout spot, it also proves to be a safe spot for children to spend their vacation or holiday.