Indian Shores – Best Place To Be In

Indian Shores, Florida has a history of its own. Back in 1949, the Indian Rock’s Beach was an island town. The south shore of the island broke off due to various reasons and formed a town on its own. This new town was named as Rocks until the year 1973. Later, it was renamed as Indian Shores in consultation with the town council. With just 2000 residents in that area, Indian shores is considered to be a home away from home. Most of the tourists opt for Indian Shores because of its relaxed atmosphere, exotic shorelines and peaceful weather.
One can find different cuisines ranging from Italian to Scandinavian in Indian shores. This place is known for the fancy restaurants which offer a great variety of cuisines, to cater to the needs of foreign tourists. The weather and the type of food that they provide are the reasons for the extensive tourism at this place. Resident or tourists, the access to the nearby cities as well the sandy beaches will make you enjoy your stay. You can find access to 20 different beaches in the entire town which either faces the Gulf coast or Inter-coastal waterway. The beauty of these beaches cannot be merely expressed in words. A recent beach nourishment project was carried out that added tons of white sand to the beaches making it more beautiful.
During the 1920’s, Indian Shores were developed to be a playground for the people. But as time changes everything, Indian Shores has become one of the famous beach destinations that offer condominiums and beachfront cottages today. A perfectly planned tour that covers Indian Shores and the nearby cities will be a relaxed vacation which might even make you think of buying a house in Indian Shores. Apparently, the real estate business in this town is at its peak. Indian Shores should be on the bucket list of the beach lovers.