Indian Shores, Florida

The history of Indian Shores located in Florida dates back somewhere in the year 1949. It was during this time that the south shore of this island completely broke off and the place changed into a town altogether. Until 1973, the name for the shore was known as ‘Indian Rocks Beach South Shore Beach.’

It was the town council who planned to shorten the name and changed it to ‘Indian Shores’. The population of this area has been just about 2,000 inhabitants. The weather in this beautiful place is most of the times relaxed and pleasant with scenic shorelines. This beautiful shoreline is known to be an ideal place for those who are willing to relocate to a new home or take an alternate home which can be called as ‘Home Away from Home.’

Though the area is small, it is a place where one can find some of the best restaurants which has cuisines ranging right from the surf to the turf. The wide beaches are considered to be one of the best holiday destinations for overseas travelers. One will find plenty of beach-front cottages, second homes and condominiums in abundance in this beautiful place.

The entire area of Indian Shores is just about 3 miles. The beaches face either the intercoastal Waterway or the Gulf Coast. History dates back to the 1920s when this place was actually built to be converted into a playground for the rich and the famous.

The real estate prices soared up in Pinellas County, the same place where the beautiful Indian Shores is located. However, now the prices have stabilized and it is considered to be the right time for investment in this beautiful place. If you just Google it out ‘Indian Shores, Florida’, you will see how beautiful the place is considered to be. The sight of the beautiful and clear blue colored beaches can drive any person crazy.