Places to visit in Indiana

Indiana Shores is considered to be a place with beautiful sand dunes and lovely beaches. There are thousands of visitors across the globe visiting this beautiful country. Indiana also provides hiking facilities along the shoreline for all its visitors.

There is a place in Indiana known as ‘Chain O’Lakes State Park.’ This is a park which is approximately about 3 ½ miles long wherein you get a chance to see different chains of lakes across the path. This place was founded during the Ice age and is considered to be a great place for hanging out with your friends and family members.

There is another place known as Knob Trail which has about 40,000 acres of land. The entire area is covered with forest and those who prefer hiking can enjoy across the rugged terrain which will eventually take you to the beautiful Clark State Forest and the Jackson Washington State Forest.

You can also visit the Shakamak State Park which provides a beautiful scenic view of a dam and beautiful hiking trails. Tourists can spend an entire day in this beautiful park just to enjoy the adventure. This area is quiet and peaceful. You can also find plenty of hotels within a radius of about 20 miles.

While visiting Indiana, you must not fail visiting the Green belt hiking system. It is in this place that you will find plenty of local Indiana residents hanging out with their friends and family members. In all cases, while visiting Indiana, all travelers are advised to take health insurance from any reputed health insurance company. This will help them be free from any additional medical expenses which might occur during their visit overseas. Medical expenses such as doctor’s fees, hospital charges, minor accidents etc. are all covered under the traveler’s health insurance policy.